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  Last Updated on 01/13/2016 
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3V Performance offers engine component machining for various high performance racing engine applications. All of our machine work and testing is done in-house on state-of-the-art equipment from trusted names like Sunnen, KWICK-WAY, Accu-turn, and Goodson. 3V Performance's machine work is done to the very tightest tolerance and finishes, exceeding standards generally available within the industry. While the cost is sometimes more, the quality of work produced at 3V Performance is well worth the investment.

Engine Block Machining: 
(Machining Equipment Used: HAAS CNC Block Center, Sunnen CV-616)

  • Blocks machined to original blue print
  • Deck resurfacing
  • Line Bore/Line Hone
  • Bore Cylinders
  • Hone Cylinders w/Stress Plates
  • Cylinder Sleeving
  • Machine for Roller Cam Bearings
  • True Lifters Bores/Install Bronze Bushings
  • Drill and tap for splayed caps
  • Clearance for stroker crank
  • Clearance Checking
  • Cleaning (Oven & Shotblast)
  • Magnuflux Inspection for Cracks

Crankshaft Machining: 
(Machining Equipment Used: Sunnen Computerized Crankshaft Balancer)

  • Regrind Crankshaft
  • Micro Polish Crankshaft
  • Cross Drill Crankshaft
  • Balance Crankshaft & Assembly
  • Counterweight turning
  • Cleaning (Oven & Shotblast)
  • Magnuflux Inspection for Cracks

Connecting Rod and Piston Machining: 
(Machining Equipment Used: Sunnen LLB-1660)

  • Recondition Connecting Rods
  • Fly-Cut Piston Valve Pockets
  • Gas-Port Pistons
  • Check for Twist/Straightness
  • Shot Peen Connecting Rods
  • Pin Fit Connecting Rods/Pistons

Main Cap Machining: 
(Machining Equipment Used: Sunnen CRG-780)

  • Recondition Main Caps
  • Create a true reference surface
  • Square parting face

Cylinder Head Maching: 
(Machining Equipment Used: Sunnen VGS-20)

  • Install Valve Guides
  • Install Valve Seats
  • Machine Deck Surface
  • Receiver Groove/O-Ring Deck Surface
  • Cylinder Head Porting/Polishing (Street Performance to Strictly Competition)
  • Installing Screw-In Studs
  • Cleaning (Oven & Shotblast)
  • Magnuflux Inspection for Cracks

Valve Machining: 
(Machining Equipment Used: KWIK-WAY)

  • Competition Valve Job (Multi Angle & Radius)
  • Valve Stem Reconditioning


Visit the  "Shop Equipment" page for information about our shop equipment.


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